Who is Dr. Frano?

He was born in Montenegro, a republic of former Yugoslavia, Europe.  As Albanians in former Yugoslavia were treated as second class citizens, Dr. Frano’s parents wanted better for their children. Due to push and pull factors, they began the journey to America in 1970, first going to Rome, Italy and then settling to Detroit, Michigan-USA.

Dr. Frano grew up and received his education in MI-USA.   For 13 years, he worked as K-12 English teacher for the Detroit Public Schools and for two years as Bilingual Specialist in the Central office of the district. 
Following this experience, he worked for six years as Assistant Principal at an application school in Detroit- Communication and Media Arts High school. He received his Masters in English Education and the Ed. S-Education Specialist in the area of General Administration and Supervision from Wayne State University.  In 1996 Dr. Frano received his doctorate in Curriculum & Instruction from Wayne State University defending his comprehensive study dissertation in the area of Multilingual Multicultural Education. 

While working as the school principal for K-8 schools in the Detroit Public School, Dr. Frano was an Adjunct Professor at Wayne State University teaching three graduate level course in area of language acquisition and multicultural education to teachers who were working on their Master’s degree.  During this time Dr. Frano turned around two failing K-8 public schools into high achieving schools in DPS prior to being promoted to Assistant Superintendent to manage 20/ k-12 schools in the Detroit Public Schools.  He also developed and established the Department of Multilingual and Multicultural Education for the DPS school district made up of the office of English Language Learners, Office of Foreign Languages and Office of Social Studies.

Following Dr. Frano’s 35 years’ career in the DPS, he retired but soon after worked for a Charter school for a year as a principal and later decided to contribute to education on the International arena.  He was one of the 10 worldwide recruited trainers by LeapEd on behalf of the Malaysian Ministry of Education.  In 2015 being one of the two selected from U.S, among others from Canada, England, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa worked cooperatively and  collaboratively in reviewing worldwide curriculums and developing Prestasi-A Transformasi program for school leaders.   A transformation program to train 100 Ministry of Education- elementary and secondary school leaders in Malaysia to transform them to 21st century teaching and learning.  Following this rewarding experience, Dr. Frano worked in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia at the beginning of 2018 to assist the board in transforming a Swedish school that the Swedish government was no longer sponsoring into an International School.

Dr. Frano was very active in the Albanian-American community and was featured on national and international media.  He is the Author of an Albanian book, ‘Cry of an Eagle,” Fishta Publishing, 2006 and the Albanian Cultural Component Guide for Secondary Schools and has written numerous articles and presenter at a number PD for school leaders and teachers.

Dr. Frano Ivezaj is writing a book on his contribution in K-12 education on international arena and he was selected by SIMA Group of Erbil, Kurdistan to take BISK  to the next level where he is passionate about ensuring that a world class education is provided to nearly 500- Kg-13 students at British International School in Kurdistan whereby students graduating from this school will enable them to enroll at any university including U.S  to ensure  Kurdistan will have well prepared well educated leaders.

He is married with two children. His daughter Kristale is married to an internationally known architect Perparim Rama from 4MGroup, headquartered in London.  Dr. Frano is a grandfather of two beautiful GRANDCHILDREN; Arra and Tiger. His son Lindon and Sofia are back in Michigan and may soon join Dr. Frano here in Erbil, Kurdistan.

Please feel free to meet our new principal Dr. Frano and he will personally give you a tour of BISK.

  • fivezaj@bis-kurdistan.co.uk
  • +964 751 867 3762

Staff Notes Archive:


On Sunday, June 2, 2019, our principal Dr. Frano was a guest at Babylon Radio FM 93.3 Morning Breakfast Club radio show. For 20 minutes radio hosts Mr. Noor and Ms. Zoji interacted with Dr. Frano live on the radio. The conversation revolved around BISK and reviewing what we have accomplished this school year. The following is a link our parents can listen to the interview:

Principal’s Plan 2020-2021

Goal 1: Delivering an Exceptional, World Class Education
Align instructional strategies & assessments to the British Curriculum, Cambridge/British (Checkpoints, IGCSE, AS, A levels), AIAA American Common Core curriculum, and SAT while complying with Ministry of Education of Kurdistan International School Requirements Pre K-12 as well as 1-13 British system.
  • Design a syllabus consistent with the curriculum listing the grade level content expectations and skills students need to acquire during the course of the term or semester.
  • A one-system assessment testing operation whereby all classes of the same grade level are examined for the same subject matter. This alleviates students from being tested too hard or too easy.
  • Weekly lesson plans aligned with the syllabus to insure implementation of the newly adopted rigorous curriculum.
  • Display pacing charts in conspicuous area in the classroom so each student can monitor his/her progress by using codes.
  • Daily walk through. Formal and informal observations will be conducted by the school administration to ensure that the teaching & learning process is on time.
  • Identify the needs of students and develop an Individual Learning Plan whereby the teacher, principal, the student and the parent meet and agree on the implementation of the plan.
  • Provide after-school tutoring programs that will help children who need extra help to catch up with their peers.
  • Ongoing professional development will be offered to the teachers on understanding and implementation of the curriculum on the latest teaching approaches including administering Learning Style
    Diagnostic Tests to all students prior to the application of differentiated instruction and other 21st century teaching & learning strategies as listed in the yearly Professional Development Plan.
  • Meet and exceed the requirements of the Ministry of Education of Kurdistan and American International Accreditation Association.
  • Upgrading and enhancing the kindergarten section of Primary School. KG will have their own head of department personnel because KG students have certain materials, skill sets, and tasks that young students have to undergo in order to obtain sufficient academic achievement and growth sufficiency.
  • KG instruction will be improved through much more hands-on learning as well as the use of other modern academic materials. Thus, a new KG facility is required that meets the needs and tasks that KG students need to adhere to before going onto primary school.

Goal 3: Integration of Digital Culture

Equip the school with the latest technologies and bring the school into the 21st century learning environment for effective and efficient teaching and learning.
  • Teachers will use portals to prepare lesson plans, assessments, presentations, reports, letters to parents, monitor assessment to determine whether re-teaching is necessary.
  • Students can look up their assessments, results, homework & project assignments, the school calendar, schedules and after school activities.
  • Parents can monitor their child’s progress, check the school calendar, child’s assignments, school newsletter, notice of meetings and communicate with the child’s teachers.
  • Smart Boards in the classroom for core subjects.
  • Teachers will receive training on how to use smartboards in an effective manner to optimize their effectiveness.
  • Training will help teachers utilize all aspects of the smartboard and to make both teaching and learning enjoyable.
  • Students will have access to tablets preloaded with required reading.
  • Tablets will be linked with the smart boards so students will be able to complete assignments, unit tests and other projects.
  • E-books will be made available to all students who have purchased books thus making it easier for students to use them in class or to complete their homework.

Goal 2: Draw out the unique potential of each student

Enhance interpersonal relations throughout the school to create a better teaching & learning environment. Provide every student with the books and resources they need to learn, while teachers provide authentic, ongoing assessment with scoring rubrics for all curriculum benchmarks in each core subject area. Teachers establish and maintain an ongoing communication with their students’ parents regarding student academic progress.
  • Teachers develop assessment tools to monitor student progress by administering Pre and Post Tests.
  • Provide hands-on learning opportunities with projects & activities.
  • Classroom participation, homework completion, weekly quizzes, and bimonthly tests for grades 7-13.
  • Hire the most qualified and experienced teachers to fill vacancies and replace outgoing teachers by creating an interview committee comprised of HR, Principal AQC and a teacher of the subject area.
  • Convert Grades K-4 as a self-contained unit with native English-speaking teachers.
  • Teachers maintain a log sheet to record their interaction with students’ parents, either by meeting (during their prep hours), by phone or through email as well as portals. A minimum of 25 hours of Teacher/Parent/Administrator contact for each student.
  • Mid-term progress reports to be followed by the Parent-Teacher Conference in each of the three terms of the academic year.
  • Students whose internal exams are below a 50% average will be availed of the opportunity to participate in after school-tutoring as well as other intervention support measures during school hours.

Goal 4: Inclusion, Diversity, & Collaboration among Stakeholders

To preserve, protect and cultivate a school climate which is family-oriented, friendly, loving, creating a supportive environment where there is harmony in diversity while working with the stakeholders cooperatively and collaboratively to ensure student academic success.
  • Create a Professional Learning Community with a laser focus on learning, accountability and collaboration.
  • Create BISK Parent Association to support the school and serve as the school’s charity organization.
  • Establish BISK Student Council to assist with Extra Curricular Activities and other school related functions.
  • Charge the Principal’s Advisory Council to administer student, teacher, and parent surveys to enable all stakeholders on the premises of school administration believe that ‘people affected by decisions should be involved in making them.”
  • To promote the recognition, understanding and appreciation of diversity. Each class will adopt a county whose culture is to be reflected in our school.
  • Introduce the “Around the World in One Day” event where parents and students will visit the classrooms that represent a country. They will learn about each country from the appointed “ambassadors” who are the students of that class.
  • Multicultural education will be integrated into the curriculum.
  • Plan and implement Family Fun Day and Parent Convention and other events that bring the school community together.
  • Newroz Celebration
  • Display pacing charts in conspicuous areas in the classroom.
  • Morning assembly for primary students.
  • Open House at the beginning of each term.
  • Three parent-teacher conferences per year.

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