BISK Parent Association
Executive Committee

BISK Parent Association is established at the beginning of the school year at the Family Fun Day and Parent Convention, usually held in the beginning of October.  With the assistance of their teacher(s), student volunteers- nominate their parent at the Parent Convention to serve in the School’s Parent Association.  During the Parent Convention, the student campaigns to the school community gathering as to the reason why those present should vote for their mother/father to be elected to the BISK Parent Association. The principal asks those present by proclamation to vote for that parent.  Once all parents have been voted in my proclamation, the CEO or a government official will administer the Oath of Office hereto attached.

BISK PA works hard each year to support the goals and the purpose of the school. They work on school fundraisers, organize community social activities, volunteer at school, and provide a valuable channel of communication between parents and the school as well as a forum for discussion of important issues.

The BISK PA Executive Committee is selected at the first meeting of the elected members of PA. It consists of a president, vice president secretary, and treasurer. Full BISK PA meetings are normally held once a month and are organized by the executive committee. The parents   have volunteered to give their time and energy towards events which benefit the school, and would require approximately two to five hours of time each week.

Dr.Tavga Bustany

Law Professor in University of Salahaddin – College of Law, PHD in Criminal Law, mother of an only son whose name is Rahel.

Mrs. Yara Jarrar

PA member
Bachelor degree of Agriculture engineering. A mother of two kids: Omer and Zayd.

Mrs. Thanaa Al Dulaimi

Vice president
Bachelor degree of computer science, A mother of two kids: Zahraa And Maryam Odai.

Mr. Marwan Rawdhah

Bachelor degree of Commercial and banking science. A father of three kids: Mustafa, Abdullah and Laya.

PA members:

The BISK PA is considered to be a support group to the school, and not an “outside” group. As a support organization, its activities must be approved by the principal. The Parent Association shall not be involved in the internal affairs of the school but will support the school in the following ways:

  • To serve as a liaison to encourage and facilitate positive communication through established channels between families and the school’s administration, staff, and school board.
  • To organize activities and special events to supplement the academic program and enhance to enhance school’s sense of community;
  • To support the principal and staff of the school;
  • To be a vehicle for fundraising to help meet expenditures not covered by the school.

The BISK PA works closely with the principal who is also a member of the PA to further goals and to enrich the lives of students and families.

More specifically, the BISK PA does:
  • Support the educational programs and the extracurricular activities of the school.
  • Positively encourage and support the faculty, staff, and administration, for example by assisting with Student and Staff of the Month recognitions.
  • Encourage parent involvement in their individual children’s lives, education, field trips, class (through volunteering in class and at lunch time), and school.
  • Coordinate programs and projects that are not directly related to academics, but will support or enrich the school. (For example, school clothing sales, after school program, family days, fieldtrips etc.)
  • Conduct community outreach and financial support efforts to support the needs of the community around the school
  • Host events (for children-school dances, field trips, book nights, and for adults-trainings, seminars, workshops, bazaars, etc) in support of the school social committee
  • Recruit for and market the school to the broader Erbil community.
  • Organize fundraising efforts (bake sales, bazaars, flea markets) and solicit company donations to support some additional programs, equipment, and services not covered in the school budget. For example: Book drives for the library, equipment procurement for the science lab, and resources for projects.
  • Serve on school committees.
  • Share information with the Principal in the improvement of school operation
  • Arranges meeting with all parents of the school every other month.
  • Assist in the Administration Office
  • Assist in importing materials and equipment.
  • Assist with building renovations.
  • Treat all parents equally recognizing diversity of culture and language.
  • Recruit volunteers and coordinate volunteer efforts to assist the school when necessary.

Any other activities and roles dreamed up by the PA and administrative team can be taken on by the PA—this list and guidelines are a living document, and as such is subject to additions, subtractions and alterations based upon the decisions of the BISK PA and administration.

The BISK PA avoids:
  • Involvement in any way with school personnel issues, policy, policy-setting, behavioral or curriculum issues.
  • Discussing job performance or classroom practices of faculty, staff or personnel. Those areas are dealt with exclusively by the school administration.
  • Spreading negative rumors, hearsays, innuendos about other parents or staff.