Journalism Activity

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Interviewing people is an essential skill that journalists use to obtain facts. On Tuesday, January 26 a journalism activity was held for the grade 12 students who show potential for journalism. With the help of Mr. Tamar, they got some training and prepared their questions in order to interview the heads in school. They interviewed Mr. Khaled, head of the secondary department, Mr. Naseer, head of the administration department, and Mr. Omar, head of the primary department. The successful interviews were related to each department and the plans for both the current and upcoming years.
Our students were happy after being given this opportunity to show their talents. They would like to say a big thank you to all the participants of this event.
Certificates will be given to the following participating students:
  • Alfarooq Awras
  • Abdalazeez Laith Shawket
  • Gunai Hussein Ali Akbar
  • Chya Azad
  • Aylin DahamHanar Khalid