BISK Admission Process

The admission process is intended to be personal and informative for all prospective families.

School Tour and a special meeting with the school Principal-  Families are encouraged to visit the school for a tour of the campus and talk with our registration officer and our Principal, Dr.Frano who will share information about the school status on local and international standards while they will receive copies of current and past copies of BISK Parent Newsletters in English, Kurdish or Arabic which highlight activities that have been taking place at BISK the past two school years along with a copy of the Student/Parent Handbook.

There is no application deadline, but it is recommended that the admission process be initiated early on to prevent waiting time when the school begins. From end of the school year end of June until beginning of the school year on September 1st, administration office is open daily from 8am to 4pm during summer to accommodate early registration and completion of necessary paperwork before the new school year begins in September.  Thus, it is recommended that parents who are in Erbil come in person during the month of July and August to their children at our school or reach out by social media or through email or telephone calls to secure a seat at our school.    

The fastest way is to secure a seat is through our online registration at BISK by completing a two- minute questionnaire, the required documentations which you can provide upon arrival at the school.

There are no academic requirements for acceptance into Kindergarten -3 to 5 years of age. Prospective students at these levels are interviewed- little ones must be toilet-trained and able to speak and follow simple instructions in order to be admitted in our KG program. It is encouraged to enroll little ones in school as early of their age and if they have they age but don’t meet the requirements for admission, only the principal can make special arrangements with you as the parent.

Please supply the following documents along with the application – we are unable to process an application without these documents:

 Required Documents :

  • Proof of age and Nationality, i.e. Applicant’s Birth Certificate (Nofoos for Iraqi Citizens) or Passport.
  • Medical Reports if any.
  • Previous School Report Cards.
    • If from a local Kurdish school, we need an approved Transfer Certificate or if from International School, a letter from the school saying which grade/year they have completed. The documentation you provide from your child(ren)’s previous school, will be submitted to the KMofE for review, verification and approval.  The principal will work with KMofE to ensure all the school paperwork is in order from previous school. If necessary, the the principal will not hesitate to reach your child’s previous school to secure any additionaldocumentation that the KMofE may require.
  • The BISK KMofE Liaison will handle all the necessary KMofE and BISK Principal communication regarding the fulfilment of the necessary paperwork to ensure that your child(ren) school record is in order to meet the KMofE and international school standard requirements.
  • Three recent passport photos. If none available, the IT Department of our school will secure them upon registration at BISK.
  • Vaccination records (Nursery, Reception and Year 1).
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