“History is a people's memory, and without a memory, man is demoted to the lower animals.”

Malcolm X

Vision: – Effectively remaining genuine to scholarship and upholding an ethical standard which requires a loyal maintenance of truth, the BISK Social Studies Department envisions our students endowed with:

  • The ability to critically assess information through a lens of objectivity and informed subjectivity
  • The ability read about and comprehend historic and current events so that they will understand the implication of such events for the future
  • The ability to effectively communicate their thoughts, both in writing and speaking, on a variety of subjects
  • The ability to engage and interact with others in society
  • The ability to recognize the value of knowledge in subjects within Social Studies
  • The ability to combine their knowledge of other sciences and apply that knowledge to various aspects of human life

Mission: – The mission of the Social Studies Department is to impart knowledge in Social Studies disciplines to students in an effort to prepare them not only for the next level of their academic careers but also prepare them to be fully functioning, productive citizens that contribute to the development of society locally as well as globally as they embrace and appreciate diversity which stimulates growth and development of humanity.


The BISK Social Studies Department is a multi-disciplinary department that teaches and enhances students’ knowledge in subjects that examine human behavior and human development throughout history and in modern times. These subjects include, History, Geography, Political Science, Economics, Business, Information Communication, Kurdish Studies, and Arabic Studies. While taking various classes that cover these subjects as well as other subjects within our department during their secondary school years, students gain knowledge that gives them a much needed, well informed perspective that will enable them to productively engage a world community that is increasingly growing more connected and interactive due to rapid growth in technology, telecommunications, and the Internet. Our department prepares students to deal with the realities of opportunities and challenges, familiar and unfamiliar, that they experience and will continue to experience as life requires them to look introspectively while they gain exposure to various cultures and ways of life different than that from whence they emanate and are most comfortable with. The BISK Social Studies Department is pivotal in the learning journey of our students, and what we teach in our department better positions students to think critically and give human application to skills and knowledge they learn in disciplines within our department as well as what they learn all other disciplines.