Khaled Qassim
Math Department Head

Khalid Niazi,I'm a master degree holder in Material sciences ( Major of study is Math & Physics) in 1991. I have more than 26 years in teaching Math for undergraduate students & High schools, and about 5 years in BISK. Our target in teaching Math is how to make a combination between Pure Math & Applied Math and how to use Technology in solving Maths questions.

Math Department

Vision: – BISK believes that Math is the Mother of all subjects and it is the language used to communicate with other sciences to reach their results.

Mission: – Our mission in the Math Department is to make it learning simpler and easier to by using new Technology and to make an excellent combination between Pure Math & Applied Math!



BISK Math Department Classes

G7 & G8: Introduction to Math (Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry & Statistics)