BISK Exchange Programs:
It is very important for new generation and BISK students to develop a sense of global citizenship as the nations of the world are becoming more independent. Exchange program and educational trip are considered a unique opportunity to personally experience different culture. The students who are allowed to participate in BISK Exchange and Educational program are considered to be the ambassadors and their attitudes and behaviours will have how others perceive home countries.
BISK Exchange Program brings future leaders to Kurdistan, Iraq to experience different countries educational system, share culture and explore the values. Since 2018, BISK for the first time has provided opportunities for our students to participate in International exchange program. Our first exchange program has started with an educational trip to Malaysia through which we have participated in Conferences, visited local and International Schools as well as attractive tourist sights. BISK has also signed memorandum with two Malaysian schools to welcome their students to visit Iraqi Kurdistan as part of the exchange program. We have also arranged an educational Trip to Tokyo for March 2020 for a group of selected smart students but unfortunately due to pandemic the Trip has been postponed till further notice.