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What we offer

At BISK Primary we aim to offer our students a creative, engaging and well rounded curriculum. We believe that each of our students should be taught as an individual and are against whole class, one level teaching. Differentiation is a vital element in ensuring that our students are taught to the best of their potential and we aim to challenge our stronger students and support those who require extra help. In order to do this we have mixed ability classes and then set for English and Maths.

At BISK Primary we do not suffocate our students with stressful and frequent examinations. We do frequent teacher assessments and then termly exams at the end of each term. By doing this we are able to create a clearer picture of what a student is capable of and what they need further in order to progress. We know that some students’ fear the pressure of examinations and that some do not perform as well as they do in everyday classroom activities.

By putting the student at the centre of our teaching we aim to produce strong, creative, independent and caring individuals who are ready to transition on to the next phase of their educational future.

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