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Our Staff

Senior Team

Mr Omar (Key Stage Leader KS4, Biology KS4&5)

Mr Balien (Key Stage Leader KS3, Humanities)


Mr Tamar(ESL and KS3)

Mrs Sheelan

Mathematics & Physics

Mr Khalid

Math & ICT

Mr Mubajjal (KS3)


Ms Zahraa

Science, Chemistry and Biology

Mr Carlos

Ms Shatha


Ms Sana 

Lab Technician-Academic Assistant

Ms Shokhan

I.C.T/Computer Studies

Mr Basher

Business and Humanities Studies

Mr Akam

Examinations Officer

Mrs Laxmi

Academic Assisstant

Ms Perizad

Arabic Teacher

Mr. Omran

Kurdish Teacher

Mr. Ferhan


Mrs. Raghda

Hala Layth

Mr Fryad

Humanities and English

Mr Ahmed

Internal Security

Mohammad Shafi


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