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  • 29Feb 2016
    Road safety Training

    Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and ESL 2 and 3 had a fantastic day today. We had a visit from Officer Fazil of the Traffic Police department and he came to speak about Road Safety. The children enjoyed the session and even had the chance to look at the Traffic Police car which Nursery and Reception enjoyed the most. The rest of Primary will have similar sessions next week. Mrs Parv would like to thank Mr Hassan for his help in organising the event.

  • 10Dec 2015
    Donating school bags to a Refugee Camp school

    We wanted to educate our students about difficulties other students are facing. BISK has donated over 500 School Bags for students in a school located in a refugee camp. 

  • 09Jul 2015
    British Embassy visit to BISK

    The Deputy Ambassador of the British Embassy Baghdad, Charge d'Affaires Belinda Lewis and the Political Officer Lee Cagna, paid a visit to the school on 7th September 2015. She was warmly welcomed by the Senior Management Team. Belinda was delighted to see such a school in the region that had multi-cultural staff and students plus the standards like UK schools.

  • 14Oct 2017
    Year 10 Laboratory

    Our year 10 first practical, seeing cells for the first time.

  • 08May 2017
    Secondary Newsletter

    Secondary Newsletter

    Quote: " I’m not telling you it is going to be easy — I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it” ~ Art Williams

    Dear Parents

    I hope you are all in good health and happy as we enter the warmer days and air conditioned evenings! It is a busy time for all of us with exams upon us, Ramadan  to prepare for and summer vacations to organise.

    iGCSE's and AS/A levels

  • 13Apr 2017
    Secondary Newsletter

    Secondary Newsletter

    Quote: "Reading should not be presented to children as a chore or duty.  It should be offered to them as a precious gift." —Kate DiCamillo

  • 24Nov 2016
    Primary Trip

    Last week our Grade 4 students went on a trip to Rudaw TV station and a local weather center. The aims of the trip were to see how to plan and prepare reports and to identify the similarities and differences between TV and radio. At the weather center they looked at how to measure wind speed and its direction and how to measure rainfall.


  • 10Nov 2016
    Crystallisation in chemistry lab

    Grade 10 students performing crystallisation in chemistry lab.
    step 1.  preparing and heating saturated solution.
    step 2. cooling the solution 
    step 3. after 2 days obtaining crystals after washing and drying 


  • 08Nov 2016
    Primary Trip

    Grade 6 have been learning about how the city has changed over time.

  • 24May 2016
    Early Years trip to local fire station and mall

    Early Years pupils had the chance to visit a local Fire Station as part of their  'People who help us' theme. Pupils learnt some basics on what they should do if there was a fire, including the number they should call.  The students loved looking at the Fire Engines and the firemen were very kind. Our pupils asked lots of questions and learnt a lot from the experience.

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