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Admission process

The admissions process involves these steps:

Complete and submit all application documentation
The first step in the admissions process is the submission of a completed application form and other relevant documentation to BISK by the parent(s)/guardian(s).
Required documents

  • Proof of Age and Nationality
  • i.e. Applicants Birth Certificate (Nifoos for Iraqi citizens) and if available Passport – if you specify your child is not an Iraqi citizen – we MUST have their original passport.
  • Fathers ID: Passport or Nifoos (for Iraqi citizens)
  • Mothers : Passport or Nifoos (for Iraqi citizens)
  • Medical and Vaccination Records (Early Years and Year 1 students)
  • Current or previous school reports/records.
  • These records have to show exactly what year / grade the student is in. If the student is currently in a school in another country you must get a signed letter from the school stating the name, date of birth, grade in when left school and then this letter needs to be 'approved' by the KRG Ministry of Education (Azmonakan).  If from a local school an approved Transfer Certificate needed.
  • 2 recent passport photographs

Entrance Test (Year 7 – AS Level only)
The student will be tested in English and Mathematic depending on the last grade level of the student.

Submitting the application
Parent(s)/guardian(s) will be informed about the appointment for submitting the application.
Application review
Once the two steps are there plus the application have been provided and completed, it will be reviewed by the school registration officer.

Registration Fees is due once the application form has been finalized and before paying tuition and services.

Other information
Before the student begins at BISK, parents will receive further information such as information about transportation, BISK canteen, school calendar and other information relevant to the specific grade of the student.

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