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Healthy isn’t a goal. It is a way of living!

At BISK we strongly believe that good nutrition matters for all children and young people, as it helps them to grow and learn. Improving access to healthy food and drink choices in the school canteen will positively influence students’ health and wellbeing, including their attention span and classroom behaviour.  

What is BISK Canteen Buffet?

BISK Canteen Buffet provides one meal in the mid of the day between 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. The food is prepared and served by one of the most famous catering companies in Kurdistan The International Food Company (IFC).

The buffet daily serves:

-       Hot starter (soup)

-       Healthy and fresh salad bar

-       Main hot dishes

-       Fresh bread

-       Sweets or fruits

-       Juice or yogurt

-       Water

If you would like to view this month menu, please click here

What is BISK Canteen Shop?

Our canteen shop serve students during break time as well as lunch time. Students have the option to choice from a healthy verity of fruits, milk, yogurt, corn, water, salads, fresh cakes and biscuits. The canteen shop also serves light meals like freshly made pizza and sandwiches (chicken, cheese, mortadella).



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